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Iguana Lizard Gecko Snake Boa constrictor


You'll find a diverse selection of reptiles at The Pet Shop. Most reptiles require very little care as long as you keep them in a proper habitat and provide them with a proper diet. The lifespan of a well cared for reptile can be very long.

  • Iguanas, red iguana, and geckos

  • Veiled chameleons

  • Milk snakes and corn snakes

  • Boas and pythons

Snakes of all sizes available (by special order)

When you are ready to purchase a snake, you'll also need to purchase the correct supplies. The habitat of any reptile is important. You can depend on our knowledgeable and experienced associates to help you select all the supplies you'll need to create a successful habit for your snake or other reptile. We can also help you select the best food to ensure your pet has a nutritious diet.


Like other reptiles, snakes don't require a lot of maintenance. Your snake will thrive if you place it in a healthy habitat. Your snake is very different from attention seeking pets like puppies. In fact, snakes require very little attention.


The inventory of snakes carried at our shop changes frequently and is very diverse. You'll also find a great selection of products needed to build your snake habitat at our shop. Some items include sand, hideaways, and rocks. Don't forget to pick up your snake food when you visit.  We have all the rats and mice you'll need at our store.

Great companions

Snake supplies available


Pet food

With our constantly changing inventory, call now to learn more about our reptiles.